Are You a Robot - Micro Card Game

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Our space colony has been infiltrated by murderous androids who look just like us. We are gradually being replaced by look-alikes! The only way to find out for sure if someone is a robot is by shooting them with your laser pistol. Our only hope is to destroy the robots one by one!

Are You A Robot is a social deduction micro-game by Looney Labs. Each player gets a random card, which they must look at but let no one else see.

Gameplay consists of talking: asking each other questions to figure out who became a Robot. Players can say anything: lying is part of the game. The game ends when a Human decides to either shoot or shake hands! Humans prosper if they correctly shoot the Robot but the Robots win if humans turn on each other.

2 players (also comes with rules for 3 players)

Multiple packs can be combined together for more players.

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Brand Looney Labs
Barcode 857848004871
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