Doctor Panic Game Party Family Fun Cooperative Board Game

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In Doctor Panic, you word as a surgical team from the most prestigious hospital in the area.

Your goal: Work together as a team to save a patient who just arrived on a stretcher before time runs out!

To accomplish this, you need to perform a series of medical treatments that have been prepared before the game. One or more players serve as overseers — emergency room managers, as it were — and they give tasks to the other medical personnel on hand:

  • find a combination of drugs in this batch of cards;
  • figure out the dose you need to administer by consulting this chart;
  • stitch up a wound by "stitching" on a game board with needle and thread;
  • and so on.

If you complete all of the treatments before the final heart attack on the soundtrack, you are victorious! If not, you'll have to receive additional training..

For 2-9 players

8+ Years

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