HABA My Very First Games – Little Creepers | games for 2 year olds

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Look! There’s something glowing! Caterpillar Carlo stretches upright and discovers Firefly Fiola landing few leaves ahead of him on the leaf path. He would so love to play with her…who has enough good luck to get the little caterpillar to his firefly friend before Fiola reaches the end of the path and flies away?

Fosters memory, dexterity and language skills. For solo play or for up to 3 players. Recommended for toddlers ages 2+

Includes 3 delightful beginner's games with rules: cooperative counting game, collect and count game, precarious leaf-stacking game

Glows in the dark! Lay Fiola in the light then she'll glow in the dark.

Games for 2-year-olds and upwards - Even the littlest ones are thrilled when everyone plays together. Particularly when the games are perfectly adapted to their needs and abilities. My Very First Games from HABA come with large, easy to handle and robust game materials and simple rules, while playfully supporting children’s development age-appropriately.

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